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Infrared Panel Heaters and Controls – Ireland & UK

When you’re in from work on an autumn evening and the weather is still mild outside, it’s simply not worth putting on the central heating, especially if you operate an open fire or a stove with a back boiler, but as the evening moves on, it gets a bit nippy and you only wish you had something to replicate central heating for that one room at a low cost. Simply install an infrared panel heater and you will enjoy the comfort of a heating source which mimics the sun’s rays.

iHeat Systems provide infrared heating panels to home owners and small businesses in Ireland and the UK.  Infrared panel heaters provide a highly efficient form of electrical heat at a very low wattage, for example; a one kilowatt heater will provide enough energy to heat the average sized bedroom of 15 square meters, the cost of running that heater would be in the region of 18 cent per hour, depending on your tariff. Additional savings can be made by installing a thermostat, so the heater will automatically turn off when the room reaches it’s desired temperature.

Electric resistance heating is 100% energy efficient in the sense that all the incoming electric energy is converted to heat in the form of infrared rays. iHeat Systems stocks infrared panels of the highest efficiency. Our panels can be either wall or ceiling mounted, delivering heat and efficiency you will be amazed with

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Energy Efficient

Electrical heating has come a long way in recent years, mainly because of increased levels of efficiency and control.

Maintenance Free

No boiler maintenance or repair, no plumbing problems, no airlocks, and most importantly none of the associated bills!

Radiant Heat

Far Infrared panel heaters radiate heat. Radiant heat relates to heat transferring directly from the heat source to the object being heated.

The Sun’s Rays

Reproducing the sun’s rays in your home or office is at the heart infrared heating solutions. Infrared, or “Far Infrared” to be more precise.